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Mother's Day is traditionally one of our busiest days of the year.  With dine in, patio dining, and curbside pick up we want to make sure service is timely and you are happy with what we can do for you.


With that said....  we will need to make a few adjustments to the menu.  We will offer a special menu for the weekend.  We have created some nice specials......but you might not see one of your regular favorite dishes.  We are sorry in advance.  If we limit the menu we can turn out in a more timely manner for this larger than normal service  

DINE-IN:  I'm sorry but we will not be taking reservations.  If tables are full when you arrive, we will take your name and phone number and you are welcome to wait off the patio area.  There will be limited waiting inside the cafe, thank you for understanding.  If you are a larger group, it is best to send someone ahead of your group to get your name on the list.  We only have 4 larger tables.  The largest group we can seat at one table is 10.  If your party is over 10 you might be set at separate tables.


PATIO DINING:  This will be dependent on weather. If it is too windy or raining we will not seat the outside tables.

CURBSIDE PICK-UP:  Plan early.  Call in your order.  With as busy as we know it will be, it is possible curbside could take well over an hour to be ready for you.  Also we can only accommodate a certain number of take out orders per hour due to the higher volume of dine in business.   So, It is possible we will run out of take out slots.  We are sorry in advance if this effects your day.


For Take out/Curbside:  CALL 610.970.5111

May 12th
Breakfast and Brunch
(sorry no Lunch items)

Happy Mother's Day

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